The road less traveled…

My partner and I were attempting to become pregnant. For many reasons – including my sanity – we have put that on the back burner for now and are just working on walking down the road less traveled. We've been through Katrina – moved to Colorado – and our next adventure is headed to California.

Protected: Yay for more waiting… February 22, 2011

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Only A few more days…. September 7, 2010

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           Sorry it’s been a while since I sat down to write.  I’ve been quite busy – my cousin just moved up here and we all went to Lake McConaughy this weekend and spent time camping.  It was an absolute blast (even though there was no beach because it’s at 95% capacity!  No pictures because we forgot our camera, ugh!  She’s finding an apartment and I’ll have accomplished the beginning of my long time goal – to get my family out here with me!  

          Back to TTC – According to my tracker, I have 10 days till ovulation.  My CBE Fertility Monitor started asking me to POAS today!  I’m thinking that I’ll purchase the “specimen” on Friday.  We’ve been contemplating purchasing 2 vials and doing 2 inseminations – the price difference is a little scary, but hopefully if we do that it’ll take the first time and will save us money overall.

Man oh Man I’m so ready for this!! 

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She has arrived!!! September 2, 2010

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AF arrived yesterday – yay for CD1!

          Lori and I have been discussing names (yes I know it’s early).  I’m fairly certain that the girl name we’ve decided on is Makayla Rayne.  However, the boy name seems to be giving us trouble.  I’d like the middle name to contain Ray (for my grandfather who passed away).  We can’t seem to find something we’d like.  Of course I’ve searched over the internet for interesting/unique baby names and I can’t seem to find any that we can agree on.  Any suggestions?

           Finally, my fertility monitor and ovulation kit came in yesterday – this is becoming so real!!

          In other news, I HAVE 2 FOLLOWERS (even though one is my lovely partner, Lori).  The other is someone from a blog that I read…yay!!

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Waiting for AF…. August 30, 2010

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          I’ve never been so anxious for AF to arrive!  It should be today – I’m ready for it to go so I can start a different kind of waiting…waiting for ovulation…waiting for BFP….ugh!   I’ve purchased a CBE Fertility Monitor and Ovulation Prediction Kit.  They should be in the mail soon along with my BBT.  I have to put in an order for our donor soon – I have so much to do!!  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and we haven’t even started yet! 

          We had a great weekend – spent it at home cleaning and relaxing.  We watched a couple of movies (Babies and The Back-Up Plan) both of which I highly recommend (even though Back Up Plan made it seem SO EASY to get the IUI process completed!).

          I was on a TTC chat/forum on my phone and there was a 13 year old girl talking about being pregnant and not knowing if she was going to keep it, give  it up for adoption, or have an abortion.   If a 13 year old can get pregnant, I can get pregnant on the first try…right?

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We have chosen our Baby Daddy!! August 26, 2010

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          So I ordered the long donor profiles for our 4 options and they just came in a couple of days ago.  After sitting down for more than an hour and debating with each other on why we should pick this one or that one, we finally made a decision.  Out of respect for Lori’s request, I’m not going to disclose the donor number.  I will however, include some of the wonderful responses to the questions he was asked on the donor information packet in a future blog. 

           My ovulation count down says 19 days till I ovulate again!  I’m SO EXCITED to get this actually going and stop just talking about it.  Lori is so adorable…she’s been looking at baby furniture and baby stuff online and showing it all to me.  I can’t WAIT until this actually happens!

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Accepted by our Sperm Bank August 23, 2010

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     I got an email last week that we are set to order sperm from them. It’s so weird that you can just go online and order sperm…Maybe only because I’m a lesbian and semen/sperm is such a foreign object to me…
August 19, 2010
Dear Amanda,
Your registration paperwork has been processed and you may now order donor sperm for home inseminations. 

Isn’t that just a bit strange??

          We went and watched The Switch last night.  It’s quite a funny and moving movie.  Of course, with me being all consumed with this TTC thing, I think I was a bit more moved than most would be.  I was quite impressed with her determination to go it completely alone.  I’m utterly terrified and I have a wonderful partner to move through this process with.  The strange thing is…I don’t know what I’m terrified of.  I’m not scared of a baby being here – I’ve had lots of experience with babies and I don’t have a problem with that.  I’m not scared of not being able to do it.  I don’t know – scared of not knowing what’s going to happen?  Scared of the time it’s going to take to do this?  Scared of finding out something is wrong? 

          I bought a baby book this weekend at the grocery.  It was on sale and was just too adorable not to pick up.  That’s the first baby thing that I have bought…No more until we find out we are pregnant because I don’t want to jinx it.  Currently I’m bidding on a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor and a Basal Body Thermometer on Ebay.  I’d like for my first cycle that I chart on Fertility Friend to be as perfect as possible.  

          One thing that I have noticed from reading other TTC blogs is that my obsessiveness will be shared!  It’s nice to know I’m not the only obsessive person on here.  Lori and I were just discussing how our first 2ww will be a few days ago.  According to my ovulation chart, it had only been 5dpo.  HOW IN THE WORLD am I going to be able to wait 2 weeks if 5 days seems like an eternity?!?!?  I really just want to get this process actually moving…..COME ON AF!!