The road less traveled…

My partner and I were attempting to become pregnant. For many reasons – including my sanity – we have put that on the back burner for now and are just working on walking down the road less traveled. We've been through Katrina – moved to Colorado – and our next adventure is headed to California.

Sorry for my lack of posting.. February 26, 2011

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First I want to thank all of you who commented on my last couple of posts.  It’s very healing to read that there are other people who really care about how you are doing.  Especially in this situation because not many of our real life friends even know what’s going on with Lori so, while I do have my besties (you know who are are) it’s nice to be able to vent here as well.

Secondly, I want to apologize for my lack of comments on your blogs lately.  I finally got caught up reading them all, but I have yet to sit down and congratulate or commiserate with anyone.  I’m so far behind that you should consider this a blanket I’m sorry or Congratulations where it is due!  Trust me, I’m reading and I feel real joy or sorrow when I read your postings.

We’re still pretty much in the same place we were in the last time I posted.  The doc did say that if all goes well we’ll have a family session on Monday and she may be able to come home then.  Right now I’m just trying to keep myself busy around the house (it’s amazing how quickly it becomes a mess just by not doing your nightly pick up) so that I can keep my own sanity.

Anyway, back to the spot bot and my new vacuum – Thanks Ladies – you really mean so much


Stress… September 23, 2010

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So in my current situation, stress is not a good thing, right?  Yea, right.  Well, my mother’s fiance has been living with us for a while.  HE came up here initially to help with Lori, but also to get a job so that my mother can eventually move up here as well.  This week he’s going home to visit, so we brought him to the airport on Wednesday.  When we got home, there was an alarm going off in his room, so I went up to turn it off.  On the bed I find letters from some bitch that have been written to him and sent to MY house.  In these letters, this girl goes on and on about how she loves him and blah blah blah.  Now, this is MY mother that you are fucking around on.  You are in MY house.  You are giving out MY address.  UGHH

Needless to say, I called my mother and tell her what’s going on.  She calls him and he says that it’s a girl who wrote him but he told her not to write him again because he was only her friend and blah blah blah.  Of course, I don’t believe him.  And, of course, she does.  I get into his email and Facebook (quite the easy task) and find that not only is he receiving love letters….he is receiving pictures of all these women’s lady parts.  NOT ONLY is he receiving these pictures, he’s SENDING PICTURES OF HIMSELF, EXPOSED, to these women.  NOT ONLY is he sending those pictures, but they were taking IN MY OFFICE SITTING IN MY CHAIR ON MY COMPUTER AND MY CAMERA.  NOT ONLY is that the case, but he also has a profile on HORNYMATCHES.COM where he states that he is looking for women in our area for one on one sex.

I call my mother back and tell her this.  She is not near as upset as I want her to be.  Seems like she is not going to do anything about it.  WHAT THE FUCK EVER.  Lori and I decide he’s not coming back to our house.

Here’s where it gets complicated.  Obviously she’s going to stay with him.  The problem is not letting him come back here doesn’t hurt him – it hurts her.  He can’t get a job down there for ANYTHING.  Therefore, he’s coming back.  Back to my house.  And there’s not really anything I can do about it…




The rest of the story… August 13, 2010

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I met Lori in the Summer of 2004.  We worked together in New Orleans and hung out at the same bar.  I was semi-closeted and she was newly out.  We became buddies fast – she was in a relationship and I was in something (whatever you want to call it) with someone at the time.

Eventually she and her girlfriend broke it off and I finally figured out that just because I was in a long distance relationship didn’t mean that I wasn’t lesbian.  Inaccessible relationships are safer than real ones when you are semi-closeted. We went out one night and she came home with me (was my Designated Driver).  She was supposed to be a one night stand, but as you can see she just hasn’t left (nor would I ever want her to!!).

Our one year anniversary brought much happiness and much anxiety.  We went to Biloxi to celebrate and she asked me to marry her.  A wondrous occasion was slammed 1 week later when Katrina came through and tore our world apart.  We stayed in a camper with my family until December of 2005 when we moved up to Colorado.  Life has pretty much been a dream since then (with a few bumps of course).

Throughout our relationship we have discussed having children (correction – a child).  For a time Lori was against it because she felt her age made it very difficult to have a child.  She didn’t want to have a child graduating high school when she was in her 60s.  Recently it has come up again and she’s all for it.  We’ve been discussing it for a few months, but my little cousin coming down with her baby pretty much sealed the deal.  I made an appointment with the doctor as soon as she was headed back home to LA.

I left work early to go to my doctor’s appointment – full of excitement.  Lori and I are sitting in the waiting room when another lesbian couple comes by to visit the nurses with their perfect little baby boy.  Our excitement grew as we walked back to the consultation room.  The doctor came in, however, and pretty much crushed my hope.  She went over my medical history and then lectured me for 45 minutes about my weight.  If you didn’t notice by the picture above, I’m quite a bit overweight.  She first suggested that I have Gastric Bypass Surgery and than when I told her that we were looking to do this fairly quickly that I look into Adoption. Obviously she’ doesn’t know anything about adoption an the time it takes to do that if she is suggesting that I use adoption to get a child quickly.  After we got through that, she goes into what she wants to do for me.  First is an ultrasound to check for blockages to my Fallopian Tubes.  Then Clomid shots each month and an ultrasound each month to see the eggs + the cost of sperm and insemination (Basically around $1500.00).  Still there’s only a 10% chance of conceiving. Now, we aren’t poor by any means, but we certainly don’t have $1500.00 a month to throw around. My question is, WHY are we immediately jumping to all of the assistance in this.  My infertility issue is that I DON’T HAVE SPERM?? Really, all I need you to do is put itup in there to begin with. IF there’s an issue after that, THEN we can get more aggressive.

Anyway – we’ve now decided we’re just going to do this at home.  There are plenty of home insemination kits and sperm banks out there.  I also found a really cool site called Fertility Friend that will help me to track my ovulation.

So – after all that – Let the Journey Begin!!


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