The road less traveled…

My partner and I were attempting to become pregnant. For many reasons – including my sanity – we have put that on the back burner for now and are just working on walking down the road less traveled. We've been through Katrina – moved to Colorado – and our next adventure is headed to California.

Timeline August 13, 2012

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So we went and had our appointment for the IVF cycle last Tuesday. The doctor went over all of the steps for IVF (which I’m sure you all are familiar with) and told me to call when my cycle started.  Perfect timing the next day is when she arrived, so I gave them a ring and went in for my day 3 ultrasound (eww, moving on). 

Here’s what we know right now:

  • Birth control for 3 weeks
  • Stim starting around September 6th
  • Retrieval around the 17th-18th
  • Transfer around the 20th (if we go for a 3 day transfer).

That means, that we could know by the end of September if we are pregnant!!


Oh – and because everything can’t be perfectly smooth, we do have a small insurance hiccup.  Apparently one of the stipulations of our insurance is that my eggs are fertilized with my spouse’s sperm.  Well, since Shayne is fresh out of sperm, we are going to do a pre authorization from the insurance.  Hopefully it actually is not an issue at all…


2 Responses to “Timeline”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    WOW! So exciting! Hope the insurance comes through

  2. Isa Says:

    yay! Fingers crossed for you–this is so exciting!

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