The road less traveled…

My partner and I were attempting to become pregnant. For many reasons – including my sanity – we have put that on the back burner for now and are just working on walking down the road less traveled. We've been through Katrina – moved to Colorado – and our next adventure is headed to California.

Day 2 June 6, 2011

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Day 2 -Describe your high school self.  What extracurricular activities, if any, did you participate in during high school?
I loved high school.  As a matter of fact, I loved school period.  From the first day of Kindergarten to the last day of my senior year.  I was the kid who always got straight A’s and was a part of every club imaginable.

For my Junior and Senior year I went to Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts.  It’s a boarding school for gifted and talented students in Louisiana.  The class schedule, dorm situation was very similar to College and I loved it.  Finally I was with other individuals who cared as much about their schooling as I did and I wasn’t seen as the weird one in the library (we all were 🙂 ).  I was in the chess club, Mu Alpha Theta, & Beta.

The school was hard….we had classes all day and the teachers were available between 6-8 pm for “Guided Study” which was a time we were required to be in our rooms studying or down at the High School Building with a teacher getting tutored.  I can tell you, though, that LSMSA was one thing that has molded me into the person I am today.  I learned so much and it was such a great jump start to being away at college.

Here I was:

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