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My partner and I were attempting to become pregnant. For many reasons – including my sanity – we have put that on the back burner for now and are just working on walking down the road less traveled. We've been through Katrina – moved to Colorado – and our next adventure is headed to California.

Not so bad December 14, 2010

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First things first – Jump over to Operation New Dawn and congratulate them on their BFP!! So many exciting announcements in blogland lately – here’s hoping that it rubs off on me!

So as you know we went to see the therapist for our consultation today.  I have to say that it was much more relaxing and informative than I expected it to be.  She went over some legal issues we will run into when being in a same sex relationship and having a child and even recommended a lawyer who handles second parent adoptions in Colorado.  She also went through some research on how to broach the subject of how your child was created once the question is asked. In a nutshell, the research satates:

  • It’s better when the subject is an open topic and there’s not a lot of secrecy around it.
  • Better for it not to really be a big deal.
  • Don’t use the words “dad” or “father” to describe the donor – it creates this fantasy person in the child’s head and can cause massive disappointment if they do get in contact and the magical connection isn’t there.
  • Donor kids typically have no long term issues with abandonment – much different than adopted kids
  • Teach your child that your family is really not “different”, just one of the many types of families.

I tell you, most of this is exactly what Lori and I have discussed ourselves, so it was actually kind of nice to get confirmation that we were already on the right page.

Next step is to order our little swimmers – which I will probably get done this week.  Then, when the time is right, start POAS till I get my smiley!

I so hope that we can do it before our Florida trip!



2 Responses to “Not so bad”

  1. isa Says:

    glad it went well–and that everything on that list seems to be common sense!

  2. Danelle Says:

    I am so happy for you both! Can’t wait till there is a little one!

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